Yavinodan's first album "Way Home" was created in 2015 and only released in 2019. It gives expression to his path of seeking and transformation.

The EP contains five songs:

  • I Alone
  • Message
  • Cold Life
  • Reborn
  • Hold on to Your Song

I am walking on my own
Doing what I couldn’t do
When I was with you

As I’m opening a door
I’m Letting go of everyone
I thought I knew before

Try to follow my own path
Looking for signs
Soothing the heart

I, alone

Solitude will ease my mind.
Free from the weight I leave behind.
When you’ll be calling out my name
I won’t be the same
You’ll be letting in
A whole new being

Nothing ever really ends
It’s time to make Amends
For it is

I, alone

Solitude will ease my mind
Free from the weight I leave behind

As I’m falling and breaking
I want this, I need this
Regrets, will only hold me down
If I’m burning I’ll rise form these ashes
A phoenix is flying
Orbiting the sun